Thursday, March 9, 2006

Fake Eggs According to Jann

Back when Mark and Leslie still lived at home in Michigan, the family kept an ongoing grocery list on the fridge. One summer day Jann took the list and went to the store. Gone for some time, she finally came home and left a bag of plastic Easter eggs on the landing of the stairs.

Leslie came home, saw the eggs on the way to her room, didn't think anything of it and kept going. Months passed and the eggs were still there, 'til one day Jann said to Leslie, "When are you going to take those eggs?" Leslie was entirely confused, saying they weren't hers. Jann answered, "You put 'fake eggs' on the grocery list." Leslie denied asking for them.

In the next room Dann started laughing. He said, "I put 'fake eggs' on the list. I meant Egg Beaters." Jann had spent who knows how long in the middle of summer searching the store for plastic Easter eggs when she really only needed to hit the dairy section.

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