Sunday, August 6, 2006

Addendum One to Colorado: Forgot to Post

To Kansas City: Day Seven

We've spent far too many hours together in the van. We're halfway home though! Waiting on the pizza to come to the hotel room.

Sonya and I created a list of "superlatives" for the kids: best dressed, funniest, best hair after whitewater rafting.... We're going to hand them out at youth Wednesday.

Quote of the Day:

As Sonya and I were determining the "superlatives," Matt Taylor calls from the back of the van, "I think I should be most prettiest."

Unless something completely crazy happens, I think we've determined the Quote of the Trip:

When the doors opened Saturday morning for the opening session, everyone raced in to get seats, for United was in the house! One of our girls, small and quick, had a load of books and jackets ready to throw down in a full row of seats for us to come in right after her and sit down. Doors open, she's in, we follow. In less than two minutes, she meets our group in disarray saying, "That lady came in and took our seats." So, we regroup and get the kids back over into the far back section that they'd been stuck in for every meeting to that point.

In the meantime, our youth pastor Jeremy goes down to the lady and the kids filling up "our" row and gets her to admit that she in fact came down and moved our stuff. To which he says to the lady, "This [pointing at the chairs and her kids] makes you stinky." He takes a couple steps, turns, points and says, "Stinky."

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  1. yea that was a fun experience getting yelled at by another youth staff over seats that she took from me! I agree that was SO STINKY!