Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Making a Birthday Cake in Africa

Normally, a task such as making a birthday cake in the shape of a shark wouldn't be a problem for my sister. She's created porcupine cakes, jet plane cakes, you name it. But this time, the new house in Sudan, mainly the kitchen, just wasn't ready for such an undertaking....

"Today I am attempting to make a shark cake minus an oven and real butter. So far I have microwaved five odd-sized chocolate cakes. Next I am going to churn my skimmed milk cream in my food processor and attempt to make frosting from it. I'm going for looks here, not taste. We shall see. I'm getting creative with the microwave. I've done meatloaf, scalloped potatoes, cake, brownies, chocolate chip cookie bars and muffins - things I never thought of microwaving."

The end result...

"Well, the cake part worked and I think the butter was good but I also forgot to buy powdered sugar and I think my homemade stuff made the frosting a flop. So, then I had to make a batch of marshmallow frosting which is pretty hard to work with. Thus our shark is not the sharpest looker in the ocean but he only needs to please an 8-year-old for three minutes so I think it will be okay."

The comments...
"It's a whale"
"It's a catfish!"
"It's a dolphin!"

"Not only was he not a handsome shark, to some he didn't even look like a shark. But they all ate it, so he must have tasted better than a shark."

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