Friday, December 19, 2008

A Note From "Gandforth"

My mom told me that my niece Elizabeth calls my Siamese cat Gandalf by the name "Gandforth." I told her that sounded like the name of an old British Butler. As in, "Gandforth, please bring me a cup of tea."

Anyways, here's a new note from the cat:

Hey, Mom,

Just wanted you to know that I can't wait for you to come so I can do this on your lap.

You know that kid that comes here? Well, she thinks she should hug me and she can't even call me by my name.

You see, Tia was always using Grandma's lap as a roosting spot and I didn't like watching her getting her belly rubbed. I have taken over that spot because I'm bigger and can push her out by flopping on her.

See you soon. Can't wait for your lap.

Your lap cat,

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