Sunday, August 15, 2010

They said no to the wind farm in Lake Michigan

My brother sent me a link with the latest update to the wind farm proposal in Lake Michigan: [Oceana County Board rejects Scandia Wind's Offshore proposal]

Yay to the Oceana County commissioners for saying "no" the windfarm proposal!

Again, I love a good wind farm but not the idea of one being planted in Lake Michigan.

Michigan does need a stimulus for its economy but I don't think putting a wind farm in the lake is going to solve that problem.

And really I just can't get past the idea that they want to invade such a natural resource with a development that has unknown consequences. Good for the county commissioners in standing up for this.


My brother sent me his view on this by e-mail. And I'm hoping he'll post it as a comment here. You hear me, brother? Don't be worried about looking like an idiot; you've been pre-approved!

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