Saturday, January 29, 2011

Good Night To My Nieces

I started collecting the children's book series Good Night Our World for my nieces during my travels around the country.

It started with Good Night California. I found a copy of the board book in a little store in San Francisco in May 2009, about three months before my now 17-month-old niece was born. I remember debating between Good Night California and Good Night San Francisco, and went with California because I lived in Los Angeles at the time. When I got home, I mailed it to my then 3-year-old niece.

I didn't think again about the series again until I found a copy of Good Night Washington, DC at a museum in Washington last June. On my next visit home to Michigan, I delivered it to my girls.

When I was in New York City this past Christmas, I decided to check for a Good Night New York City. And sure enough! I found a copy at the independent Posman Books in Chelsea Market. It was part of my younger niece's Christmas present as she has become quite the bookworm. Reportedly, she reads the book over and over. My older niece said, "We should have Aunt Jackie over and give her a big hug and tell her she picked a good book for Ava." Aw, love them!

Now three books into the series, I've decided to check for a Good Night book in whatever local booksellers I come across in my travels. While in Portland a couple weeks ago, we stopped by a Powell's on Hawthorne. I headed over to the children's section and found Good Night Oregon. Perfect! I bought it, and when I got home, I mailed to my girls.

I have a couple years yet before my girls get too big for these little books so I decided I should check to see what other cities and states in the series might be added to the collection: I see Tennessee, Charleston, Atlanta, Chicago and Arizona, and hopefully, Boston and Los Angeles, in our future at least.

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