Sunday, June 20, 2010

Washington D.C. Day 6

My friend Shelby joined me as a tourist on Saturday. We did more museums: Natural History and American History. We had to see the Hope Diamond at the Natural History Museum and we had to try and see the musical instruments collection at the American History Museum, which was still closed.

I've decided that I've been to so many museums in so many cities that I just need to visit special highlights or exhibits of a museum. I don't need to go through all the dinosaur and mammal exhibits in every single museum. That's why we only went to the Hope Diamond exhibit and hit a few exhibits at the American History museum: the musical instruments and pop culture collections, the Star Spangled Banner exhibit, Apollo Theater and First Ladies exhibits.

And we stopped by the Hirshhorn for another look at the Yves Klein exhibit and to visit the gift shop for a ring I wanted, the Air & Space Museum for another gift shop run and the Museum of the American Indian for lunch in the cafe, which was so delicious with lots of vegetarian options.

We walked through the Botanical Gardens and took a break in the shade of its verandah with a view of the Capitol Building. We walked off more of our lunch as we paid a visit to Pitango Gelato. Mmmmmm.

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