Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A Cat on the Loose!

So, I'm sitting on the couch last night, working on a magazine article that's due today (I work better under pressure) and I hear this scratch, scratch at the door. I had the front door open with one of my black footrests in front of it so the kitties can sit and watch the world go by and I can get some airflow through the house because I refuse to turn the air conditioning on yet.

Well, since that scratch, scratch sounded familiar as Gandalf the Grey had been doing that the other day when I was sitting out on the front porch (he was trying to crawl through the bottom of the screen on the screen door), I thought I should investigate. Sure enough, he was trying to get through. I caught him though.

But something didn't seem right. There was no accomplice to the crime around. So, I called for Tia. Nothing, no kittie came running as she normally would. Hmmmm. I had a bad feeling.

So, I glanced outside and sure enough, there's a pair of glowing eyes on the steps looking back at me. Tia had escaped.

I went outside and shut the door behind me because I didn't need to have two cats on the run and began to coax her back in. She was a scared-y cat and I knew that just needed to keep her in the front yard and get her back on the porch. The neighbor dogs were barking and some large strange black cat tried to cross the street to check things out. I chased him off. I got her back on the porch and cornered her and got her back in the house but man, to think I almost locked her out.

It's just a good thing Star, the squatty lab from next door, wasn't out. I'm sure she would have enjoyed the playtime.