Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Two Stories Online

I added two links to the left for new stories that have been posted at CTI's music page: David Crowder Band and Needtobreathe. Rad.

New L.A. Info

The current plan...

I'm leaving Nashville December 31, going to Atlanta to spend New Year's with some friends and to pick up my friend Leslie who will be making the road trip cross country with me. We'll leave January 1 and arrive in L.A. Friday, Jan. 4. Classes start Monday, Jan. 7. I move into my apartment on Jan. 15. I'll be staying with my friend Shelby who is living out there right now (she's there til early March) until the apartment opens up.

It's a 6-month lease, so the earliest I would leave L.A. is July 15. But I might decide to stay through the summer and maybe even fall to get my on campus requirement done and out of the way. I'm really playing it by ear at this point.

Monday, November 26, 2007

My Own Little 160 Square Feet

Today I secured a lease for an apartment on the campus of Fuller. It's getting closer to official that I'm moving to Pasadena in January.

For a comparable price to a 900-square foot home in Old Hickory, TN, one can rent a 160-square foot single/studio apartment in Pasadena....

Take a look!

The amenities include a personal balcony, which my little house in Old Hickory does not have. It is only one block from campus and has a parking garage - and most importantly, a Starbucks just a few blocks away!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I Heart NY

I went to New York City November 8-11 with my church on an outreach trip. We did get some time for sight-seeing, too.

Times Square

We took a tour of NBC Studios including Conan O'Brien's set and the Saturday Night Live set. At the end of the tour, they let two volunteers be part of a newscast - I was the newscaster and discovered a new career!

Here are the skaters at Rockefeller Center:

Later on we went to the Empire State Building.

Friday morning some of us got up and went down to the Today Show. I even got on the show - right over Matt Lauer's shoulder.

Here is the tree arriving at Rockefeller Center during the Today Show:

That afternoon we visited Ground Zero.

Friday night and Saturday was our ministry time. Saturday we went to Brooklyn to serve Thanksgiving dinner at a church. Found this canopy along a street. Saturday night I got to drive the 15-passenger van with our team - and found a new career, cabbie in Manhattan!

The Manhattan skyline

The tree is now up at Rockefeller Center!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Phantom

I had probably one of the best Halloweens ever last night. Which isn't hard because I have never really celebrated Halloween so I don't have that many to base it on. But I really did have one of the best Halloweens ever last night.

I went with my friends Shelby, Shelley and Joe (Joe got the tickets from his boss) to the 1925 Original Silent Film Classic Phantom of the Opera with Live Concert Organ at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center downtown.

It was totally rad! They showed the silent movie while the organist accompanied in an improv style. The crowd was encouraged to participate with cheers and boos and hisses...though we think many didn't know the story at the beginning cuz they were hissing for the wrong people. They eventually caught on.

The organist had a really great sense of humor. One of the highlights was during the scene when Carlotta was singing (even though the Opera Ghost told her not to), the organist was playing "I Feel Pretty" from "West Side Story." So you see her acting and seeing on stage at the Paris Opera House and imagining her singing "I Feel Pretty"...very humorous.

It made me want to watch Mystery Science Theater 3000. OK, I need to log on to Netflik....