Monday, August 15, 2005

Stalking the Chik-Fil-A Cow

So, Monday night at Chik-Fil-A is Kids' Night. I met the Allisons there after getting off work just two doors down. Did you know that Abbey Allison has been stalking the Chik-Fil-A cow (costumed employee) since she was 2? She has a weakness for the thing.

The quote of the night came from Aaron. Pointing to Luke, he said to the store manager who asked if they were enjoying Kids' Night: "That's my little guy harassing the cow over there."

Abbey at one of her first meetings with the Chik-Fil-A cow!

Thanks for the picture, Beth!

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

DuneFest '05...Some more good pictures

The Nashville Girls
The Nashville Girls

Stuck Jeep
The Jeep that didn't get away...

Jeannie preparing to ride with Crazy Uncle Bruce

Crazy Uncle Bruce
And here's the Crazy Uncle ready to ride...

Zack and his smore
Zack getting some help with his s'more

Dad showing off
Dad giving a tour of The General, the Willy's Jeep he built (he always has admirers)

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

DuneFest ’05: If you missed it, we're sorry...look at some photos.

DuneFest – noun: A gathering of friends and family at the Chapman’s compound near Silver Lake, Mich., for a weekend of off-roading in Jeeps, sand rails, dune buggies, or anything that the Chapmans can add extra power to or just keep running to get over the huge hills of sand along the shore of Lake Michigan. Complemented by camping, good food, sunsets, tall tales from Uncle Bruce and s’mores around the campfire.

So, our second trip to Dune Fest last weekend was a success. Jeannie, Shelby and I packed up Shelby’s Subaru Outback on Thursday evening and made our way to Grand Rapids, Mich. After crashing for a few hours of sleep at Mom and Dad’s, we grabbed a quick breakfast with my sister at Panera, picked up some Starbucks for the road, and off we went to Silver Lake.

Our first afternoon out on Friday was pretty uneventful…well, if you count breaking only a windshield and getting stuck once in the dune buggy uneventful. Could have been worse, I guess.

I was the one to break the windshield in Dad’s beloved Buttercup, the yellow Jeep. I was driving by myself, drag racing my Crazy Uncle Bruce and Jeannie, when I hit a bump or two and the empty passenger seat bounced forward and smacked the glass. Oops! Sorry, Dad!

Jeannie and Shelby teamed up in the purple dune buggy quite a bit…helping one another shift the little guy. I believe the story goes that Uncle Bruce passed them when they were trying to get it in a gear, thought about stopping to help, but then figured, “Oh, they’ll figure it out.” And they did. They then got stuck on a dune after waiting for an SUV to get unstuck. What’s a DuneFest without getting stuck, eh, girls?

Some of us were witness to a young man’s “oops, I shouldn’t have gone through this mud puddle.” The young punk and his girlfriend attempted to drive his Jeep Cherokee through one of the mud holes out by the lakeshore. Either it was too deep for him or he didn’t blow through it fast enough, but when we caught sight of him, only his front half was sticking out of the water…back half completely submerged, with bubbles from his exhaust surfacing. It took two Jeeps to tow him out and when they finally succeeded, man, you should have seen the water rush out when the doors were opened. I got some pictures; we’ll see how they turn out.

To all friends and family reading this: You are invited to join DuneFest ’06. It’ll be bigger, badder, louder and faster. Make plans now to join the fun! Mom and Dad’s cabin WILL be ready for many visitors. More details on dates and travel in about nine months.

dunefest 052
Me, my Dad and The General

dunefest 030
Buttercup, The General and the purple dune buggy waiting for the sunset

dunefest 047
Charissa and I at DuneFest

dunefest 023
Jeannie and Shelby in the dune buggy, waiting for the sunset over Lake Michigan

dunefest 022
Mom and I hanging out at the picnic table

dunefest 033
The sun sets over Lake Michigan