Tuesday, February 28, 2006


So, I just got back from my 30th birthday cruise with my family and my second family, the McKellars. I'll post stories and pictures soon.

But in the meantime, I'll share some Jann-isms that we learned on the cruise. Mom McKellar's first name is Jann and she has a tendency to misuse common phrases - we call them "Jann-isms." For example, "to Hell in a handbasket" becomes "to heck in a handbag." Rather than giving a compliment with "superior to all" or "second to none," she mixes it up entirely with a "superior to none."

While the family was visiting Michigan last summer, Jann was so excited about taking everyone to this pizza place that a friend had highly recommended. As the family drove to Muskegon, she talked on and on about it. When asked the name of the place and where it was, Jann answered, "Uh, it's somethinnggg Pizza." HA! That would narrow it down quite a bit...to any pizza place that ends in "Pizza"...Domino's, Papa John's....

The last one for today, because I'm sure there will be more to come, is "tha 'hood." Jann recently heard the phrase "tha 'hood" but didn't know its origin, nor is she one to use much slang (or at least use it correctly). While she and Dad McKellar were out and about in Charleston, when they were ready to go home, she said to him, "Let's head back to tha 'hood!" To which he turned and looked at her. She thought it was a common phrase used by everyone in reference to his/her particular neighborhood or subdivision rather than the slang term that it is.