Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Pet Hedgehog

My nephews are in Africa and they have a new pet. They found a hedgehog (pictured below, not actual one) and the hedgehog found a home.

Its name has not been finalized yet but apparently "Bob" is a contender, alongside the popular "Fluffy." My sister says that "Fluffy" actually tickles their funny bone (uh, yeah, he's spiky, not fluffy). My younger nephew, 7-year-old Zack, the red head, has named previous pets after the first thing he sees, like "Tree" or "Bush." This time he was trying to come up with something more fierce sounding, but each possibility had about four names in it and just weren't working out. So, he landed on "Fluffy." Pretty fierce, eh?

Fluffy doesn't do much as far as pets go, apparently. When they take him out of his box, he just scurries to the nearest hiding place.

He's living in a microwave box still. My sister is looking to come up with cage ideas. He just goes in his box and they shake him out. The other night Fluffy went out to play American football with them.

He explores a bit but he spends most of his time hunkered down. My sister is looking for a fence-type of cage so they can put him outside at night. Then he can wander and eat and "use the restroom," and then they can bring him inside in the morning and put him in a nice little "house" to be cool and sleep the day away.

Learn more about the hedgehog here:

Friday, March 2, 2007

I can't resist...

I have to share a picture...the cutest boys in the world!

the boys

Man, I miss them!