Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nurse's Orders

My friend Lois is a nurse. She asked how I was feeling with this cold I currently have. I said, fine.

She recommended that I "hydrate and rest" to kick this cold.

I said that I was doing well with the hydrate but not so well with the rest.

Nurse Lois' response: "Stay tucked in bed with your phone and you'll be just fine."

Hahaha! She knows me too well. Maybe tomorrow that's exactly what I'll do.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

U2 in Pasadena

I bought two tickets to see U2 in Pasadena in October. Yes, yes, I know that I'm leaving Pasadena in June but I'm coming back for U2 and an intensive at Fuller that starts the day after the show. I figured since I would be coming to town for the class, I might as well get tickets to the show.

Now, I bought an extra ticket figuring that it wouldn't be hard to find someone to go with. I then came up with the crazy idea of asking my brother. We had already discussed the idea of going to one of the shows (he, my sister-in-law Charissa and myself) as we did for the last tour (we met up in Chicago, fantastic!). But the shows are in the Fall and Charissa is due with Baby #2 in early September. So, we figured that birthing babies was going to be taking up some time.

Since the Pasadena show isn't until late October, I thought I would toss the idea his way and he could fight Charissa over going or not going. (I figured that she wouldn't be able to leave the babies; I do feel bad about her being left out.) His reply to my email that suggested discord in the house might result from my offer:

"Discord? What discord? Oh, you mean, 'How is it that you get to just fly all over the world and I'm stuck here!? I go to work and they ask "Where's Jason now" and I say the Bahamas, Vegas, [exotic places like Milwaukee] here, there...' You mean that discord? She'll live. With any luck, I will too. Besides, I'm skipping Boat Show this year! That has to count for something!"


Wow! He's skipping his favorite boat show in late summer for the baby.

I also felt like I was reading an email that I would write about everyone complaining about my traveling and leaving them behind. Jas and I, we are related.

There Better Be A Heaven

Francis Chan related a story in his message this past Sunday about how his family recently opened their home to a homeless woman and her four children (I think it was four). Francis said he woke up one morning this week and heard eight children playing in the house and thought, "There better be a heaven."

Even though being woken up by eight children playing probably isn't the greatest possible suffering known to man, in the moment it is considered an inconvenience or an annoyance. And in that brief moment, I might have the same thought as Francis, "This better turn out right. This loss of sleep better be for a good reason. There better be a heaven."