Monday, June 20, 2005

Life as a Barista

I'm hoping to collect my funny anecdotes from Starbucks for a book one day. Let's start here...

Heard over the drive-thru headset:
Barista: "...What can I get for you today?"
Man's voice: (strong Southern accent) "Uh, I think I'll try the Caramel Manicotti..."

Last time I checked Starbucks didn't serve Italian food. Our customer was trying to order a Caramel Macchiato (pronounced mach-e-ah-toe). Macchiato means "marked with" in Italian. The drink is a latte made with vanilla syrup; the foam of the latte is "marked with" espresso and caramel syrup. Most everyone who orders that drink for the first time (or second or third time) mispronounces it. One of my other favorite mispronunciations was "Caramel Machete...." Oh, dear! That would be one violent drink.

p.s. I just heard another story about the word "machete." My dear friend Beth just told me a story from when she and Aaron were dating. He was trying to make a good impression with her mother while they and some friends went to a Barry Manilow concert at (then) Starwood Amphitheatre here in Nashville. After the show, as they were leaving the parking lot, they passed some large rocks used to keep cars out of the grass. Aaron, trying to impress, commented, "I wonder if those are real rocks or if they're paper machete." Good try, Aaron. Try Paper Mache.


  1. hold up big slurpee---Aaron and Beth went to a Barry Manilow concert??? oh they are so NEVER living that down.

  2. Dear Ellie's mom (AMY!), we do not wish to live down seeing the MAN himself. Well, Aaron would probably like to forget it, but not I! It was an awesome concert! And, if I remember correctly, we all got in for free. Anyway, try as you might, you cannot embarass me about this! (I know you will have fun trying...)

    And Jackie, thank you for calling me a "dear" friend... even if I do leave my "crap" all over your "bed".... er, couch... uh, in my living room... hmmm, so you can get an extra 30-45 minutes sleep before going in to work. *wink* Love ya!

  3. It doesn't matter what you say Beth--you'll only redeem yourself in my eyes by attending the Dave Matthews concert next month or another concert with a comprable cool factor. At least you didn't pay to see him. We don't want to encourage the poor man.

  4. Does it count that I have BEEN to a Dave Mattews Concert before? And that I bought tickets years ago but they cancelled the concert becasue his bass player lost his baby just before the concert?

    I would LOVE to go to another DMB concert... you buying?

  5. Now this is the craziest reply listing to a blog I have ever read. . .

  6. You know......Silver Lake is much closer to our cottage than NASHVILLE!!! Missed seeing you, kiddo, but according to your 'blog,' you probably spent your spare time gluing the windshield pieces back together!!!! Sounds like you had a great time! Hope to see you in Chucktown!