Friday, September 30, 2005

We got some catchin' up to do...

So many stories, so little time to post!

Heard by me on Wednesday A.M. in the Hermitage Starbucks Drive-thru:

A lady who can only be described as more than 89 percent redneck-country says (imagine a strong Southern/country accent), "I’d like a large mocha frappuccino with three extra shots of coffee and extra chocolate...and can you make sure that’s double-wrapped?” (I've interpreted "double-wrapped" to mean "double-cupped"; keeps the frappuccino from sweatin' all over your car.) As I’m sorting through her order, getting it into the expeditor for the bar folk, barista Dale is in the backroom with his headset on. He hits his “buddy” button on the headset and just starts laughing in my ear. Then he says in his best Southern accent, “Did you get that double-wrapped?” Which makes me want to laugh outloud but I can’t because I’m still repeating this order back to her. Oh, bless my soul...Southerners and Starbucks...what a combination!

A non-Starbucks story for once: I'm up in Chicago this weekend, watching my nephews while my sister and brother-in-law travel for their missions work. My sister met me at the airport this morning...she unloaded her bags to catch a plane and I loaded my bags to drive back to her house. When I got here, I went over to the neighbors to pick up Zack, who didn't want to ride along with Mom to the airport. (Luke was at school already; Zack has PM Kindergarten). Well, I went over to the neighbors and she proceeded to hand me an envelope that one of the boys had left in their mailbox the day before. The envelope contained $145 in cash. !!! Yes, $145 in cash. Seems he had pulled from his mom's stash and decided to be a generous giver to the neighbor kids. The note written on the back flap of the envelope reads: "der nowu and josiu her is suthing for you" (which interpreted says, "Dear Noah and Joshua, here is something for you." That's something alright. I told Jennifer the story on the phone this afternoon and she just said, "Oh my." We'll let the culprit remain nameless, although only one would be able to write that message on the envelope. Not sure how well he's going to negotiate out of this one.

Because I'm the aunt, I can spoil the nephews. So after dinner we went to Dairy Queen. The boys got chocolate dipped cones and I had a small Blizzard. As they were finishing up, Luke says, "I'm getting full." Zack follows up with, "I'm getting full on slobber."

Lastly, pick up a copy of the October issue of CCM Magazine, available at Borders, Barnes and Noble or most any Christian bookstore. The worship music supplement I edited and mostly wrote appears in this new issue. It's called "Worship Now!" Catchy, eh?

'Til next time...


  1. Amy, last name DarnallOctober 4, 2005 at 1:26 PM

    Maybe she needed the extra cup to spit her tobacco in...

    As a southerner, please let me defend my kind by saying we aren't all like that. Some of us are even pretentious enough to order hot earl grey tea at the Starbucks drive-thru.

  2. I wish I liked coffee. I could really have some fun, torturing baristas all across the land!