Thursday, October 20, 2005

I've Seen It All

About a week or two ago, as I'm working the drive-thru, I hear the "ding" in my headset, telling me that someone has pulled up to the speaker. "Good morning. Thank you for choosing Starbucks in Hermitage. This is Jackie; how may I help you?" The older gentleman in his pick-up truck orders his coffee drink, I give him his total and he pulls around. Everything seems normal enough.

As he pulls around, the "ding" goes on and off again, which makes me think he's pulling a small trailer of some sort through the drive-thru. And even that's semi-normal enough.

When I walk back to the window with his coffee, I see that his pick-up is about six or seven feet from the window and he's getting out of his truck and walking over to pay and pick up his coffee. Glancing to the right, I see why he's pulled that far from the window. He was towing a 30-foot sailboat through the drive-thru!

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