Tuesday, August 15, 2006

So a busload comes in at closing time...

I closed at Starbucks last night. We close at 10 p.m., but technically 10:10. At 10:05, a bus (literally, a bus) pulls in and about 15 people come to the door. The door is still unlocked due to the 10-minute rule, though I've switched a few lights off.

As they open the door and look at the posted hours sign, they notice that it's after 10. They look in at me and timidly ask, "You still open?"

Now, here's the dilemma. I have one register in drive-thru open, enough stuff on hand to make drinks, but it's after 10 and these people have looked at the sign, don't know about the 10-minute rule but still have the gall to ask if we're still open. Half of me wants to tell them to go away, but the Starbucks side of me (although reluctantly, I'll admit) says, "Sure, we can help you." So, they proceed to come in and stare at the menu, then order mostly Frappuccinos (of course). After we finish their drinks, they slowly move towards the door, "I guess we can't stay," says one. Another girl looks at Paula, one of my crew, and sweetly says, "Have fun closing." Though I'm sure she didn't mean to be condescending, it flew all over us. "Have fun closing," we mimicked for the remaining 30 minutes we were there.

Of course, when you see 15 people standing in line, your inclination would be that the store is still open. So, one girl, not with the group, walks in and asks, "Can I still get a drink? You can say, 'No.'" Don't give me the option to say, "No." I might take it this time. We got her drink, too.


  1. i agree with matt...coffee is yummy, but i would have leaned towards the side of me that said no we cant help you...we are closed! just kidding!