Friday, November 3, 2006

Oatmeal Cookies and Swearing

OK, so Aaron preached on Matthew 5 this past Sunday (10/29) about making oaths and swearing. It was a great message and I listened really well. It wasn't until the week started that I realized I actually did what the Bible tells me not to do more often than I thought. Basically, taking an oath, such as "I swear to God," is a no-no. Make your "yes" "yes" and your "no" "no."

Here's my story...from Starbucks naturally:

In the middle of yet another stressful night at Starbucks, I made myself laugh. Baristas at my store have a bad habit of just opening new packages of cookies (or muffins, scones, etc.) when they sell one, rather than looking in the pastry case or around the pastry case for a tray of said assorted pastries. Ugh. It irks me to no end.

So, I'm cleaning up the mess left me and I find TWO open packages of oatmeal cookies and TWO trays of oatmeal cookies, all within three feet of each other. I was so frustrated I picked up the packages of cookies to take them to the back and I said to no one in particular (though my friend Jonathan was standing there doing dishes), "I swear to God if someone opens one more package of cookies, I'll...." I didn't finish the sentence because I started laughing at myself.

See, I listened in church Sunday if I could just stop saying it.


  1. hahahaha....i love it. But funny enough I am more inspired to go eat an oatmeal cookie than to stop swearing...

  2. Oh... THIS Oatmeal cookie story! Of course! For some reason, I didn't put the title with the story.

    Love it!