Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pictures from the Oscars

OK, so here are a few pictures taken on Friday afternoon.

This is the corner of Hollywood & Highland, where the Red Carpet begins.

Corner of H&H

Red Carpet

This picture isn't great because it was real dim inside and my flash wasn't always working. But you see the red carpet (under white plastic) leading to the "Grand Staircase" into the Kodak.

Grand Staircase

Flip around from the staircase and you see this, the entryway from the outside Red Carpet to the inside.


The Red Carpet. This is along Hollywood Blvd leading to the Kodak. The close side is where the bleachers of fans are. The far side is media. Obviously, it's covered with clear tents and white plastic up until Sunday.

Red Carpet

Standing behind where media would be along the Red Carpet, looking down toward the Kodak.

red carpet and kodak

And since I didn't see him at the show, here are Johnny Depp's footprints from outside Grauman's Chinese.

Johnny Depp

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  1. Looks like so much fun! It's so great you got to do that! Tell Shelby I said hello, and I'm glad that she seems to be doing well too.