Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Life in L.A.

So here I am in Silver Lake, CA, just down the way from Pasadena. I've had one day of class, one day of work in the home office in Malibu and two phone conversations with UPS regarding the packages they have not been able to deliver - looking forward to another day of class tomorrow, no more office work until next week some time and six packages arriving on Thursday.

My drive out here was long, uneventful and many parts beautiful. We arrived Thursday night with the rain and found ourselves mostly indoors for the weekend. Leslie flew back to Atlanta Sunday morning and Shelby and I took the day to acquaint ourselves with Pasadena - it was so helpful.

Monday classes started. I got my parking pass and went to class (two actually), bought some books and came home to do some work. Overall a good day and a good start to the school year.

Not much news beyond that...


  1. You know, even though you act as though your life so far in L.A. has been mundane, just because it's "life in L.A." means it's cool :)

    I miss you. Please blog on what you are learning so the rest of us can learn from you what you are learning from the super smart professors.

  2. i miss you all too.

    i'll keep you posted on what i'm learning...tidbits here and there.

    guess i actually need to do my homework in order to have something to share. ;)