Wednesday, July 2, 2008

That's What I'll Be Having

Last night I had dinner with some friends at a little Italian restaurant. Our server (and her shadow) took drink orders and came back to tell us the specials as we were looking over the menu, chatting and deliberating.

One of the guys, Kevin, made a couple inquiries about the salmon and linguine dish. Kevin has good manners and is 'ladies first' when appropriate so it sounded so silly and odd when he closed his menu, set it down in front of him and lazily and happily said, 'Well, that's what I'll be having.'

I realize he was probably just voicing his decision but it also sounded like he was ordering and the server followed it with, 'Would you like a salad.' 'Yes, that would be great.'

Done. Kevin had ordered and inadvertently made it a rush for us to decide. The rest of us are like, 'Uh, are we ordering now? Cuz I have no idea what I want.' I for one needed to hear the specials again and needed to know what vegetables came in the bowtie pasta with pesto sauce and chicken (by the way, there was no broccoli in the dish as advertised).

Afterward we walked down to Yogurt Delite. We walked in and focused on the flavor menu. Kevin, though, walked right to the counter and ordered chocolate on a cone. Guess he was just in a decisive mood last night... And of course none of us could resist the follow-up comment, 'Well, guess that's what he'll be having.'

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