Monday, November 10, 2008

The Attention a Status Update Draws

Forget a book. I'm just going to comment on life and things via Facebook status updates. You can draw a lot of attention from them. Today's was based on a dream I had that made no sense but made me wake up laughing hysterically.

Jackie woke herself up laughing hysterically at something someone said in a dream.
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Jeanie Mauney Smith at 4:59am November 10
That's the way I'd like to wake up on a Monday!

Shelby Sundling at 5:23am November 10 via Facebook Mobile
you always crack me up!

Jackie Chapman at 5:52am November 10 via Facebook Mobile
And I'm still chuckling at it. :D It IS a good start to a Monday!

Beth Hall Allison at 6:14am November 10
Ha! That made ME laugh. Wait, was it me that said something funny in your dream? 'Cause, you know, I am THAT funny that I transcend into dreams.

Erika Chambers at 7:08am November 10
do you remember what it was? did it make sense in the real world? my dreams almost NEVER do.

David Campbell at 8:01am November 10
Did it qualify as a "that's what she said" statement?

Jackie Chapman at 8:34am November 10
Doesn't everything qualify as a "that's what she said" statement, David? Though in this case I'm not sure...

Jackie Chapman at 8:40am November 10
I do remember what was said, though I don't remember the context or the whole dream at that. It wasn't Beth talking. It was an Indian cab driver who said (I've started laughing again), "Anytime you attach something to the hood [pointing to the hood of his cab], you can't return it [meaning the car]." That's all I remember. And I woke up laughing so hard, just like I am now. I have no idea what I was attaching to the hood of a car or why I was in the street talking to an Indian cab driver or what he had attached and tried to return in the past. All I know is that I laughed hysterically for about 60 seconds.

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  1. excellent. or should i just reply to the thread on your facebook status to say that?