Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Obnoxious Drink

So this girl comes into Starbucks this morning and orders a tall nonfat extra hot semi-dry cappuccino. Obnoxious drink,yes, but can be made well by a professional such as myself. And lucky for her, I was on bar.

I hear her order and think, "Lucky me." You can just tell by the tone of voice in the ordering if you're dealing with know what I'm saying.

So I commence making the drink by freshly steaming nonfat milk to extra hot temperature with some lovely foam so I can free pour the milk and foam into the cup. I make the drink correctly while she watches.

She asks that I leave the lid off so that I can easily add more milk if it's too light. To myself, I roll my eyes.

She takes it and says, "Oh yeah, feels perfect."

So I hand her a lid and she says to me, "It's not for me. It's for the Devil Wears Prada that I work for!"

Ah, sigh. Made me smile. She ordered so distinctly because she knows better than to come back with the wrong drink. I decided then and there if I see her come back in, I will gladly make that drink.

Minus the obnoxious drink, I was once that Devil Wears Prada magazine editor.


  1. now if only all your coworkers were as considerate and conscientious as you are... ;-)