Friday, June 18, 2010

Washington D.C. Day 5

I only did one thing out in the city but it was the best! I had the chance to attend an exclusive performance of "Thurgood" at the Kennedy Center.

Here's the lobby at the Kennedy Center:

The play was a one-man show featuring Laurence Fishburne. It had a successful run on Broadway in 2008 and is finishing up a 3-week run at the Kennedy Center this weekend. This performance was taped for use by teachers, students and schools. I think they said it would be available to 46,000 schools, something like or maybe I'm way off.

Anyways, the play was tremendous and Fishburne was outstanding as Thurgood Marshall. It was really informative, thought-provoking and inspiring. It makes me want to read about any and all of the Supreme Court justices to see how their journeys led to highest court in the land. It was really powerful.

I also received a lovely compliment. The lady sitting next to me serves as a volunteer at the Kennedy Center. She looked at my outfit and noted that she saw one of the Kennedy ladies recently who wore a similar outfit to mine: white pants, black top and black sandals. I was "looking like a Kennedy." My real name is Jacqueline...I'm just saying.

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