Monday, July 12, 2010

DuneFest 2010

Plans are underway for DuneFest 2010.

What is DuneFest, you ask?

Well, it's where I invite my friends to my parents' cabin near Silver Lake, MI for off-roading, jet skis, beach time, campfires and Mom's homecooking over Labor Day weekend.

And don't just take this to be any other holiday weekend camping experience. No, no. It's much more than that. Especially when my crazy Uncle Bruce is around.

DuneFest includes:

*Off-roading in whatever assortment of Chapman off-road vehicles are available (mostly Jeeps) at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes (i.e. giant hills of sand where they only allow off-road vehicles or ORVs)

*Jet-skiing on Lake Michigan or Pentwater Lake

*Swimming in Lake Michigan

*A visit to Pentwater, including but not limited to The Brown Bear and House of Flavors.

*Campfires with s'mores and doughboy boys (secret family recipe only to be shared with DuneFest participants)

*A t-shirt, possibly

*Food and more food, because my mom is a genius at cooking for a crowd.

This weekend isn't for the faint of heart either. You either have to have a great sense of adventure and a daring spirit or a great deal of trust in the Chapman driving your vehicle that she or he won't kill you. But it's a lot of fun. Really.

And if flying over mountains of sand in a Jeep or doing 360's on jet skis on Lake Michigan isn't your thing...we reserve the right to call you a coward but it's totally fine if you want to sit on the beach or on the porch of the cabin and read.

And the only cost is your transportation there. You won't find a deal like that on

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