Thursday, August 12, 2010

What? Pole Dancing for Tweens?

My friend Lori brought an article to our attention today: [Pole Dancing Tweens]

This has to be the most absurd item of the week for me. How is offering pole dancing lessons to tweens and young kids an appropriate idea? Sure, it might be fantastic exercise. I've seen the Cirque du Soleil and the Amazing Yen/the Grease Man in Ocean's 11. But do you have to call it "pole dance instruction"? Especially if you're going to say that it has nothing to do with stripping.

The owner tells the local newspaper that the kids are not taught erotic association with the pole and that kids regularly see poles on the playgrounds and in fire stations. [Quizzical look] Fire stations? That's a stretch. How many kids visit fire stations nowadays? Because I'm pretty sure any kids that visit the fire station in my neighborhood won't see a pole - it's a one-story building with a large garage for the trucks.

The writer for also notes that the so-called innocent exercise classes are called things like "Bellylicious, Sexy Flexy, Pussycat Dawls, and Promiscuous Girls." Which sounds nothing like stripping [insert extra sarcasm here].

I have no problem with gymnastics exercise that includes strength and technique training on either vertical or horizontal poles. Just don't give it a raunchy name or refer to it as pole dancing. Such names for it only force our minds to go in inappropriate directions because it sounds like you're condoning the training of young strippers.

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