Thursday, September 2, 2010

My nephew Zack gets it

My brother-in-law Dick sent an email this morning about an answer my nephew Zack gave in his homework this week.

The email....

"Every once and a while your children say or write or do something that make you stop, think, cry, praise, and wonder.

Jenn [my sister] was reading over Zack’s homework assignment this morning, and this is what she found:

Thy will be done? May the next generation continue God’s purpose?

Hit me right in the heart.

His spelling may need assistance, but his spirit soars above mine.

He is just like my father. Richard Sr. and Zechariah John are soul mates. These words could just have easily come out of my 69-year-old father as my 11-year-old son. I feel as if I am generationally sandwiched between two unusual men of God.

I am SO proud of them both!


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