Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My cat strikes again

Somehow my cats become uber-talented when they stay with my parents. Either Grandma inspires them or the fresh Michigan air brings out their bright sides. Whichever it is, I got an email from my Siamese this morning....



When are U comming bac to grandpa and grandma's house?  Tia is embarrrraaassing me.  I hear things R a little roug where u're, at but things R worrs here.

Tia and I decided2 take a nap on  sofa and all thhe sudden that biggger girl (I think her name is Cinder) let out a screech.  I just got offff the sofa & went 2 your room and hid.  Tia hissed at that girl & then startted to run at herr hissssing and grandma and grandpa thought she wa going 2 bite Cinder.  Grandma gave Tia a time out and I'm glad.  Shhhe deserved it.  I, onn the other hand, hav been the perrrrrrfect house guest.

Maybee u could write tooo Tia and tell her hat you're putting her in a report like you'''re doing to tha "kid" where u r at this week.

Your most affectionate and lovable cat,

Mr G

PS  Please exuse my typ  ing.  U know how  MY paaaws are toooo  big for the keys and I M drooping litter all over it.

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