Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Angels in the City of Angels

Just got back from Los Angeles...spent time in Pasadena, Hollywood, Venice Beach, Burbank, etc. It's interesting to see the names of all the cities, streets and such that you always hear about in the entertainment news. Here's some pictures....

Girls and Hollywood
Shelley, me and Shelby in front of the Hollywood sign

Us at the Getty
And here we are at The Getty Center (a great art museum with a great view). That's the greater L.A. area behind us (downtown L.A. is way in the background on the horizon).

Here's the greater L.A. area without us:
LA from the Getty

Shelley and me in Venice Beach
On the Waterfront

Shelby worked with Rob and John on the production staff of the Oscars. Here's a behind-the-scenes look...up close and personal with Oscar:
Touching Oscar

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  1. haha, they are touching his buttcheeks... i did not notice this on first glance...