Saturday, June 14, 2008

He was in a band

I was sitting outside Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf reading for class. And this guy looking all rock star came out to a table next to me. He set his coffee down and took off his aviator sunglasses to clean them off and one of the glasses popped out and clanked around on the sidewalk.

He tried so hard to play it off and be real nonchalant about it which made it even better. He casually bent down and picked it up, sat in his chair and put it in his lap while he cleaned the other lens. I didn't see it fall out - I just heard it and thought I wonder? So when I looked up, sure enough, I could see the two pieces in his lap.

Then I couldn't help but overhear his LOUD phone call - he's in a band.....

Wishing someone was there to share the moment. It brought a smile to my face all day. That was what I call real funny.

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