Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Importance of Understanding Pink

My niece Elizabeth will be 2-years-old on July 31. I cannot wait to celebrate with her. And I know exactly what to get her - something pink, anything pink. Pink will do nicely.

My brother is rather beside himself as he realizes that his daughter believes all should be pink. He recently came to the realization that she's not confused when given something purple or green and she calls it pink. He realized (or maybe he was told?) that she would actually prefer whatever is purple or green to be pink and tells him so. "Pink." As in "Dad, I would like this green Lego to be pink. Make it happen."

Ah, sweet Elizabeth, we shall have fun in a few weeks, torturing your dad with all things pink.

I told Jason not to worry. When she reaches her 30's, all things will be green or blue. At least those are colors this aunt loves now.

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