Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I LOVE my sister!

I had to place an order for my brother-in-law. Online shopping carts do not accept orders from Sudan, for some reason. So, I asked my sister for her credit card number. This is how she sent it to me. The XXXX represent the numbers; I didn't think it wise to post them here. ;)

"There were XXXX ducks when I last counted. XXXX of those were mallards. There is .XXXX percent chance that I miscounted, but let's just assume I didn't. That still doesn't account for the fact that XXXX of the said ducks are not in a row! What's a girl to do? Can't wait to see your back in less than XXX days. Such a relief that I don't have to wait for a Visa. I can come whenever!"

I still needed an expiration date for the card, so I asked, "If you had a Visa, would it expire?"

Her answer: "It might, MAYbe in 2010."

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  1. love it. and i love that you posted this in class. well done!