Saturday, May 9, 2009


Five weeks from Monday, I'm moving! Moving back to Nashville. I didn't think I would be so ready to go - but man, I'm ready for the next five weeks to fly.

I'll miss California (at least some things about it) and I'll miss my friends (though I expect to see some of their faces in Nashville before too long).

But I'm really excited about seeing what happens next. Starting in June, life looks different. I'll have two roommates joining me in my house - Sarah F. and Sarah G. It'll be weird to be back in my house (though I expect to adjust quickly after the smallness of my CA apartment). And it'll be different to have two other people there. But I'm excited for the change - and it'll be nice to have people in the house while I travel.

Yes! I'll be traveling quite a bit between June and February 2010. Yay!!! I think that's what makes me most happy - to be moving around, city to city, state to state. I decided this winter that if I don't have an e-ticket in my inbox, I experience a mild panic attack and seek out someplace to visit. (Not sure if this an addiction or just a sign that I'm supposed to be traveling for a living.)

I really have no idea what to expect come June 18 when I arrive back in Nashville. There will be some adjustment to the city, people, the house, the traffic, but I'm looking forward to it. I'm ready to be back in my community where people know my story, my history, my dreams, my AGE. Yes, my age. I'm fine when people think I'm 26, but I really like 33 and the experience that comes with it. And I kind of grow tired of explaining what it is I do for a living.

Most of all, I think I'm ready just to start applying what I've been learning. I'm ready to get back into my church community. I have enjoyed being at Cornerstone in Simi Valley and hearing Francis Chan speak most every week. But there's something about being involved in ministry; I don't have that opportunity so much in CA. And I'm ready to start doing more for my sister and brother-in-law and Sudan. I have no idea what that looks like really but that's OK.

So in five weeks, the next phase of whatever begins!

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