Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Blog Title Needed?

I am procrastinating on homework...shocker. Only one more Saturday of homework after today! For at least four months anyway...

But I was wondering...should I change the title of my blog? Since I'm now longer a barista? I guess deep in my heart, once a barista, always a barista but maybe there's a better title to be used.

Open to I'm off to post some pictures from San Francisco!


  1. tough call. you still retain the barista skills, right? maybe once you forget how to make a cappuccino you can drop the "barista" from the title... like in 5 years! ;-)

  2. Hmmm. True. And I will still be making my own coffee and cappuccinos (but not Frappuccinos!) at my home in NASHVILLE. I do own my own cappuccino maker.

    I'll continue to think about it. :))